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The Journal of Performance and Mindfulness publishes peer-reviewed papers exploring the relationships between artistic performance and mindfulness practice. We currently publish one volume per year, with one or two issues per volume. We operate on a rolling-publication basis, releasing articles during the course of the year and adding a concluding editorial in December. We welcome the submission of scholarly articles, interviews, practice accounts, and book and performance reviews.

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Posted by 1OLH Tech on 2020-10-05

Journal of Performance and Mindfulness  Volume 4, Issue 1, 2021  Special Issue on Improvisation Guest Editor: Prof. Anton Krueger CALL FOR ESSAYS, ARTICLES, REVIEWS, INTERVIEWS & EXERCISES For this special issue we invite contributions which explore connections between improvisation and mindfulness in a range of performance forms; including the various lineages of 'impro' and [...]

Volume 3 • Issue 1 • 2020


Phillip Zarrilli 1947 - 2020
Phillip Zarrilli 1947 - 2020

Franc Chamberlain , Deborah K Middleton and Daniel Plá

2020-07-20 Volume 3 • Issue 1 • 2020